Do vape pens explode and how can you prevent that from happening to you?

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Do vape pens explode and how can you prevent that from happening to you? There are a couple of points you can remember to keep you safe when using lithium batteries:

  1. About 99% of these ‘explosions’ are not explosions and don’t involve the hardware. They are caused by loose batteries in a pocket or purse, which are shorted out by keys and change, resulting in a battery overheating or even catching on fire.

    Don’t carry loose lithium batteries. They have extraordinarily high energy density compared to old rechargeables. You need to think of them as fireworks, not batteries. Shorting them out ignites a firework in your pocket – not good.

    Always carry lithium batteries in the containers provided specifically for that purpose.
  2. The few vape pens explode that actually are an explosion and that involve the vaporizer itself are caused by (1) stacking batteries (placing them in series) in a sealed steel pipe mechmod; or (2) buying the cheapest possible fake re-labelled clone battery and driving it way too hard. This is, in essence, suicidal behaviour.

    It can lead to the batteries overheating, going into thermal runaway, outgassing prodigiously, and – being in a sealed pipe – exploding. It’s a pipe bomb, basically.

    So don’t use mechmods (pure electrical mods with no electronic controls), always use electronic APVs (advanced personal vaporizers), as they cannot explode.

    Basic electric boxmods are fine as they have a door that blows off if the batteries outgas.

You don’t need to know anything about volts, amps, resistance, Ohm’s Law or anything else. All you need to know is: don’t use an unvented tube mechmod, their time is gone. Pipe bombs need to be avoided.

Part of the problem here is the fault of the vaping community: suggesting that consumer safety depends on knowing Ohm’s Law is just insane.

Consumer safety

It’s not a matter of what you know or don’t know.

People need to be safe no matter what they know or don’t know. Consumer safety is the manufacturers’ job: a consumer product MUST be safe to use no matter what the user knows or does not know when used normally.

Tubemods with no electronic controls and no gas vents are intrinsically dangerous. They should not be in the sale. If you own one, then have a workshop drill gas vents in it, in the sidewall of the tube, at both the top and bottom, then you will get a burned hand if it goes up, as against shrapnel blasted into your head. The former is preferable to the latter.

Above all don’t spout ridiculous garbage about knowing Ohm’s Law and suchlike. Consumer safety depends on safe products, not a degree in electrical engineering.

Any engineer who is not bat shit crazy is going to look at an unvented steel tube mechmod with lithium cells and immediately think “Jeez this is a pipe bomb”.

If you want to suck on a pipebomb that’s your lookout. Just don’t try to persuade others to do it.

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