Survival Package Elite


Stay in and take care of yourself with our Survival Package Elite.


  • 1 ounce of our $99 ounce
  • 5 Liquid Shatter Cartridges
  • 1 Live Resin Cartridge
  • 3 g of  White Rhino Shatter
  • 3g  Budder
  • finally 3 grams of Hash

5 Syringes of 5% THC 20% CBD

Our Pure THC Distillate 100% twice refined cannabis concentrate. Premium White Rhino BHO winterized in alcohol, filtered to remove any remaining plant fats, purged of alcohol, and then distilled to remove the THC from the other cannabinoids. These syringes are 96.9% THC with reintroduced natural terpenoids for optimal flavour. One of the most potent products we offer best suited to the experienced concentrate connoisseur. Suitable for relief from stress, pain, and nausea, Perfect to add to a joint or enjoy in a dab rig.

Why buy your Survival Package Elite from Us:

Being one of Canada’s oldest and most trustworthy weed online dispensaries, White Rhino Extracts promises you the most premium quality strains, concentrates & accessories available in the country. Unlike our competitors, Cheap Weed for us is not just a business.

In fact, We have been at the forefront of the legalization movement, organizing protests, participating in rallies and doing all we can for the cause we believe in. This is why we hold ourselves to the highest standards of commitment to our customers. Nothing is more important to us than our mission: providing the community with quality Cheap Weed, and superior customer support.