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Types of Weed Extracts Butter: Subcategory of weed wax that is more on the pliable side Hash: Trichomes and other cannabis compounds that are compressed into blocks of hashish Live Resin: Weed extract that keeps as much of the buds good properties as possible Live Diamonds: The high-end scale of cannabis concentrates. Some of the most potent and highest quality weed products on the market. Oil: a Liquid form of THC and/or CBD product Shatter: One of the purest and most potent forms of weed wax Terp Sauce: Weed extract that maintains most of the flavor profiles and aromas of the original marijuana buds. Ways to take Cannabis Extracts Dabbing: The dab is the most common method of taking most cannabis concentrates. This method requires a dab rig. Vaping: Requires a vape pen and vape cartridge, or you can buy pre-filled vape cartridges. Smoking: Can smoke most extracts in a bong, pipe, or mixed with weed in a joint Eating: can infuse some extracts into food items and consume the cannabinoids as edibles. Similar Products  Weed Edibles: For non-smokers, or for anyone who just can’t smoke in a particular situation, cannabis edibles are perfect. Cannabis Flower: For those old fashioned stoners out there, normal marijuana buds can never be replaced. CBD Products: If you want the benefits that cannabinoids provide but without getting high, then CBD oil is worth a shot. Purchase Information