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if you’ve ever touched a cannabis bud, you know that the plant is very sticky. That stickiness is cannabis resin.

Similar to sap produced by trees, cannabis resin is a gooey plant byproduct. Unlike sap, cannabis is contained by fatty structures called trichomes.

actually in contrast, tree sap is filled with an amount of sugar and is liquid in nature. It forms crystal-like structures that can be difficult to separate from the green plant material.

The marijuana plant is capable of producing more than 400 different chemical compounds. In fact, the primary psychoactive in the herb, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is in it.

Flavonoids and terpenoids, which are flavour and aroma molecules, are also present in resin. This makes it one of the most fragrant and medicinally valuable parts of the cannabis plant, and that’s why the wax for dabs is very popular these days.

What Is Resin Weed?

Plainly speaking, weed resin is the sticky, delicious, sap-like material found on a cannabis flower. It’s the substance that contains the terpenes (flavorful compounds) and, maybe most importantly, the trichomes — those gorgeous sparkling bits on the bud that contain concentrated doses of THC to get you high. Due to its high concentration of THC, many cannabis manufacturers are making products like live it concentrates, rosin, and CO2 oil.

The term resin can also apply to the burnt, sticky stuff that accumulates in the bottom of your bowl when you smoke cannabis products. 


To understand why cannabis resin has intoxicating and medicinal effects, learning a little about why the plant produces it is useful.

In fact, cannabis resin acts as an external immune system and communication network for the plant. The six types of sticky trichomes present on the plant offer numerous benefits. Including protecting the plant from pests, infections, herbivores, and damaging UV rays.

Also, The plant can expel different types of terpene aroma molecules to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, providing a way for the stationary herb to communicate and engage with the outside world.

Types Of Smoking Resin Products

Today, there are several types of cannabis resin products available for consumers to choose from.

meaning that they consist of concentrated cannabis that has been stripped from its plant base.

In Fact, As a concentrated essential oil, products made with cannabis resin are quite strong. Here are the five most common forms of cannabis concentrate available to consumers:


Butane Hash Oil

Live Resin


CO2 Oil

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